Non-fired eco bricks

Although they are non-fired, they are very safe, high quality and low price.

Non-fired eco bricks

Sewer sludge, burned ash, coal ash, ceramics abolished soil [ Kira ], molten slag, glass waste and many other unused resources are utilized, and are regenerated to form a revolutionary brick style block, without baking, using our special slodificaton technology (Patent process).

We feel it is important to create materials of soft disposition, that feel like ceramics, which gives warmth and serenity to the cityscape.


resource conservation
80% of the raw materials are made up from several kinds of by-products from other industries, which result in absolute zero emissions. It is possible to produce strong, stable, durable bricks of long term quality by utilizing the best mix of raw materials with their own individual qualities.
Circulation type
We reuse the inferior goods which come out of the manufacturing process as raw materials, and also, because of the non-firing technology, no CO2 or factory draining watse is created. Furthermore, the products can be reclaimed as many times as possible after use.
energy conservation
Scrap materials without pretreatment can be used for raw materials, even without firing. Due to the fact that the fossil fuel is not burnt, excessive processes are excluded, so the production is energy-saving and cost-saving.
From the acceptance stage of the raw materials, of course to the finished product, the process conforms to strict physical properties standards and environmental standards. Furthermore, we execute the original released metal content test with Ph3, which is above and beyond the safety satndards.
Scenery characteristics
The product looks a little like antique bricks, due to the ceramic kneading technology that is applied, and they will continue to mature attractively over the coming years of use.
consideration type
It is suitable for non slippy, comfortable, barrier free sidewalks. Furthermore, in order to produce good effects on vegetation and the living environment, special EM ceramics have been added to the raw materials.

Mark:Gifu-ken waste recycling recognition product
Gifu-ken waste recycling recognition product

Mark:Eco mark executive office recognition,environmental preservation commodity
Eco mark executive office recognition,
environmental preservation commodity


Use quantity (bricks/m2) 50 bricks/m2(100x200) 100 bricks/m2(100x100)
Pallet loadage (bricks) 600 bricks/pt. 1200 bricks/pt.
Weight Scratch(100x200) 2.3kg/brick Scratch(100x100) 1.1kg/brick
Scratch Cobolu(100x200 with round corner) 2.2kg/brick Scratch Cobolu(100x100 with round coerner) 1.0kg/brick

We also produce different types of 50mm thick, without the lip.

Standard operation cross section diagram

Safety data

Item result metrical method
Released metal content test conformity 18th environmental economical notification
Content test conformity 19th environmental economical notification

Physical properties data

Item physical properties standard level examination method
Flexural strength (Mpa) 8.2 5.0 or more The interlocking block association method
Compressive strength (N/mm2) 62.0 32 or more Basis of JIS R 1250
Resistance abrasiveness (g) 0.098 - Standard of JIS A 5209
Damp slide value of resistance (BPN) 76.3 40 or more ASTM E-303
Frost damage resistance characteristic No abnormality - Basis of JIS A 5209
Coefficient of permeability (permeability type) 3.732*102cm/sec 1*102cm/sec or more Basis of JIS A 1218