Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process which reduces the environmental load

"Earthen Bricks" contain more than 80% recycled resources as raw materials.

In addition, in order to control the environmental load, we maintain a non-firing, non-draining and non-abolition production process in order not to emit CO2, drainage or waste. Furthermore, in order to produce a good effect on vegetation and the living environment, EM ceramics have been added.

Manufacturing process of eco bricks "Earthen Bricks"

The details of the manufacturing process can be downloaded from here.

Manufacturing process diagram (PDF 96KB)

Non-firing solidification technology

Sludge, burned ash, ore, other dust, glass ceramic waste, plastic waste and many other unused resources are regenerated in the form of a superior block of specially compressed strength, by using traditional ceramics technology and new development of the special slodificaton technology (Patent process).

It stably and reliably recycles the mass waste into the safe products, and brings to the market products such as brick block like ceramics, exterior materials, scenery materials and road base materials that the community discharging the recycled waste materials, manufacturers and all other customers are using happily.

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