Company guide

"E" is a keyword in the recycling society


"E's" motto is, "To produce a product desirable for everyone; customers, manufacturers, discharge producers and the Earth

Earth, Ecology, Environment, Education, Energy, Economy etc. - in the recycling society, where Nature and humans coexist, the keywords start with "E".

Across the field and in various situations, places and scenes, it is "E's" idea to build a network which links these "E's" organically, and to aim for a recycling society.

"E's" philosophy is to cherish to produce the product comfortably, not only for the sake of the development of the company, but also for the population and the Earth.

The commitment of using the Non-Firing Solidification Technology

The Non-Firing Solidification Technology

We have special patent technology called "the Non-Firing Solidification Technology".

This is a reclaiming technology, using various kinds of waste, to produce clean bricks and roadbed materials without baking. This is a low environmental impact recycling technology, that is carried out in seven plants within Japan.

On the other hand, in other Asian regions - China and India in particular, large economic growth is occurring, which is producing mass quantities of air pollution and waste that is difficult to manage.

The brick production volume in these areas constitutes approximately 80% of the world's total volume. Brick production creates large amounts of CO2 waste, which is a significant factor in global warming, barren land issues and desertification.

The Non-Firing Solidification technology for producing bricks is an ideal form of recycling - with regards to resource protection, waste becomes the raw material of the brick, and to contribute towards the prevention of global warming, the product is not baked.

Now, we wrestle with many national businesses and are aiming to take "E" to "Global E" .

Company profile

Company name Kameiseito Co., LTD
Address 1258 Kasahara-cho Tajimi-shi Gifu, Japan
Established 1/1/1966
Capital 40,000,000yen
Business contents
  • Production and wholesale of "Earthen Bricks"
  • Collection of industrial waste transportation / intermediate processing(Recycling)
  • import and sale building stones, Sue board, gardening materials and others (Chinese branch:)
  • Global development of the non-firing solidification technology
Employees 13
Bank Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise / Tono Shinkin Bank / Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank / The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd. / 16 Bank and Others
President Hiroaki Kamei
Collaborative relationship
  • Tokyo-Mitsubishi
  • Tokyo Electric Power Company
  • Marubeni Corpration
  • Takahama Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • Eco Business Network, etc.

Corporate company

Eco-angels Co.,Ltd.

Company name Eco-angels Co.,Ltd.
Address 1258 Kasahara-cho Tajimi-shi Gifu, Japan
Established 6/5/1996
Capital 10,000,000yen
Business contents
  • The sale of quality porcelain no glaze floor tiles
  • Sale of "earthen bricks"
  • Sale of the import Stone material
  • A mail order business in response to the needs of the visitor.
  • The gravestone business offers the best stone material quality and processing technique
  • The developing business of the improvement of the global environment and recycled type products
Employees 6
President Hiroaki Kamei
Main clients

C's Stuff Plc

Company name C's Stuff Plc
Address 1258 Kasahara-cho Tajimi-shi Gifu, Japan
Established 11/25/2004
Capital 3,000,000yen
Business contents The acceptance, introduction and support of Chinese trainees (technicians) to companies
(Chinese Branch:)
Employees 5
Bank 16 Bank
President Hiroaki Kamei
Company PR We made our company name "C's Stuff", by using the "C" of China and the idea that it sounds like "Seeds", which represents the Chinese trainees who will grow like seeds.The "Stuff" means talent and friends. Excellent Chinese trainees are introduced to various enterprises, people and companies as "the seeds that will bud and grow into trees". We provide consultation and solutions for comapanies who have a shortage of workers.