Data protection and privacy policy

Kamei Seito Co., Ltd. and Eco-angels Ltd. handles private information on the basis of the data protection and privacy policy.

The private information of the customer is only used by this corporation, for the dispatch of their stated business. It will not be used for any other business, and we promise that it will not be leaked outside under any circumstances, other than the following;

  • When there is agreement of the customer
  • Business accomplishment (* 1) of this corporation when it is necessary, vis-a-vis the business' trusted companies and cooperating companies which have concluded this corporation and secret retention contract When it discloses
  • When disclosure is required by law etc
  • Every time the customer makes an inquiry, purchase or other transaction concerning the products or service.Furthermore, if business accomplishment (* 1) necessitates the utilization of the private information data of the customer.

* 1 business accomplishment is as follows; correspondence, product delivery service, payment and other services.